Mary Valley Show 2023 RDO Equipment Poultry Section

New section reintroduced back into the show in 2015. Our newly created cages can cater for over 200 entries.

Conditions of Entry

  1. Closing date for entries is Thursday 17 August 2023, unless all entries are filled prior.
    2. Birds to be penned between 6.30am and 8am Saturday.
    3. Judging will commence 9am Saturday.
    4. The judge’s decision if final.
    5. Exhibits must remain on display until 4pm Saturday.

Notice to the Exhibitors

The Mary Valley Show society accepts there are many more varieties of poultry and colours within varieties
than are listed in this schedule. The varieties listed are most popular ones on show at local shows. This society
will create a new class where six or more birds of a variety or colour not listed are nominated.